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The Rob Allen Scorpia is very much a modern representation of the Speargun that mad Rob Allen famous 20+ years ago. In Australia we opt for a lightweight Alloy Barrel WITH integrated rail which is unique with the majority of the world not having the rail.

The Scorpia is limited to 70-120cm range with a Lightweight barrel which reduces the overall weight and helps buoyancy in smaller guns when adding a reel.

The Scorpia has all the key components to make it a solid performer but does away with some of the convenience to help keep the price down while still using quality inhouse developed and manufactured components.

Key points:

-Available in sizes from 70-120cm
-In house designed 6061T6 alloy barrel with integrated alloy rail.
-6mm double notch shaft with reinforced Rob Allen Barb
-Exclusive lightweight Alloy Barrel with integrated alloy rail
-Rob Allen Gen 3 double rubber low profile closed muzzle
-Rob Allen 4 generation Vecta handle.
-1x 16mm latex powerbands with dyneema bridle
-RA swivel clip
-Heavy duty 400lb black mono shooting line

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