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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the fish are jumping! Some of the most epic fishing in Australia is found right here in the Pilbara.


Fishing for the mighty Barramundi is extremely popular in Karratha. Low profile baitcasting reels are the most popular for lure fishermen and are generally matched with rods in the 6’ to 6’8 length range. Popular lures include paddle tail soft plastics, soft vibes and diving hardbodies. For the people that prefer to live bait, a strong 6’ rod and a baitcasting reel with a ratchet are preferred.


Trawling for a variety of game fishing that is very popular out from Dampier. Robust overhead reels are generally preferred for this type of fishing. Rods in the 5’6 length range in the 15-24kg range are best. Monoline is preferred to braid for trawling and generally, a 15-24kg class line is ideal. Lures are generally big bibbed minnows in shallow or deep diving and also skirts for billfish.

Bottom Bouncing

Chasing the famed Red Emperor is a favourite pastime for many locals of Karratha. Overhead combos and spin combos are both popular depending on your preference. For spin a 10000 - 20000 sized reel matched with rods in the range of 24kg to 37kg and 50-80lb braid suit perfectly. Overheads ranging from a 16 size through to 30 are ideally matched with 24-37kg rods and filled with 50-80lb braids.


Jigging is gaining a lot more popularity in Karratha as a good means of targeting bottom fish. Overhead is the preferred style but spin is still popular. Rods are generally 6’-6’6 in the PE 3 - 4 range. Ideal spin reel sizes are 5000 – 6000 and overhead 1500 – 2000 is ideal. Pe 3 or 4 braid is generally preferred. The best jigs to use are the flutter style in weights ranging from 80g through to 200g depending on depth and current.


Spinning lures both land-based and out of the boat is extremely popular. For land-based generally, a 4000-5000 size reel and 7’- 8’ rod spooled with 20-30lb braid is ideal. For boat spinning generally, a 5000-6000 size reel is preferred with a 7’-7’6 rod spooled with 30-40lb braid. Small to medium-sized stick baits, poppers and metal slices are the preferred lures of choice.

Bow and Arrow fishing

For those who love that shore adventure, we stock bows and arrows suitable for target shooting and fishing.


Bluewater swimmers can be caught with drop nets out in Nickol Bay, Mud crabs can be found in Nickol Bay, Devils Creek, Fortescue, Cossack, and Point Samson.

Make sure you have a licence if fishing from a boat and, check bag limits and minimum with the fisheries

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