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The Dampier Archipelago consists of 42 islands all within 45km of Dampier. The biodiverse marine life can be explored by snorkelling, freediving, and scuba diving.

The outer islands of Delambre, Legendre, Kendrew, Rosemary and Enderby host the must-see ocean life. Here you can explore the coral reefs, sponge gardens, seagrass and see a share of over 650 fish species!

As well as an abundance of fish, you’ll find Green, loggerhead, flatback and hawksbill turtles who nest on the beaches. While dugongs, dolphins coast in the water. The northern humpback whale migration takes place from the end of May till late September.

What you need for Snorkelling

We stock a range of masks for adults and kids, the most cost-efficient way to purchase a new kit is in a pack with a mask, fin, and snorkel.

For the experienced snorkeler, or maybe looking at purchasing a kit that will do you for diving and snorkelling, purchasing separately might be the best call.

Mask - You want a mask that fits well and is comfortable. The best way to check if you have the correct fitting mask is to place it firmly upon your face then breathe in through your nose and hold your breath. If the mask sticks to your face without the aid of the mask strap, then you have the right fit.

Snorkel - Snorkels can get a bit fancy! A basic J shape will serve its purpose, but if you’re planning on duck diving, being around crazy kickers, or on rougher water, something with a purge at the bottom and a splash guard at the top is going to make your snorkel session much more comfortable.

Fins - Snorkelling fins tend to be on the shorter size and either float or are lightweight, this reduces swimming fatigue allowing you to kick for longer periods of time. They can be an open or closed heel and not worn with boots.

Suit - Most of the time a long sleeve rash shirt will keep you safe from the sun while snorkelling, if you’re snorkelling near the jellyfish you might want to invest in a stinger suit.

What you need for Diving

Mask - When underwater the last thing you want to be dealing with is a mask leak. Fit is so important for diving masks. Its personal preference whether you go for single or dual lens masks, however, dual-lens masks are typically lower volume, and some styles can have prescription lenses fitted. Some people prefer the single lens for a better view, or if their nose bridge is wider, as it allows for a better fit.

Freedivers often go for black silicon to reduce glare, these masks are super low volume to make your dive as easy as it can be. When you get your new mask make sure you clean off the factory seal. While the seal protects the glass in transit, it does make them prone to fogging. You can DIY by cleaning with toothpaste, or purchase some “sea buff” cleaner from the shop and keep it in your dive bag!

Fins - Diving fins are longer than snorkelling fins and often house technology that funnels water to produce powerful propulsion with minimal fatigue. These can be closed heel or open at the back allowing you to wear a boot. Especially handy when diving off the beach.

The freediving fin is the longest fin we sell, these long flexible blades provide maximum propulsion, long slow kicks, allowing maximum oxygen conservation

Suit - We stock a range of suits, from the top only, top and bottoms, one-pieces, & stingers. We generally have a range of 2-3mm suits only. We find it just doesn’t get THAT cold in the water up here. There’s also socks and gloves available if it is getting cooler, or if you’re chasing that extra bit of protection.

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